Short Film

WURTSBORO is the story of “The Girl in White” and “The Girl in Black.” The two have a strong, dependent, almost obsessive friendship that leads to the disappearance of one and the insanity of the other. It is a psychological-spiritual fairy tale that attempts to understand the most intimate of relationships within the human heart. The film opens in the countryside of Wurtsboro, New York and leads to a revelation that can only happen by walking the streets alone in the labyrinth of Manhattan.

A short film adaption of Käla Mandrake’s fiction/poetry book entitled FICTION STORY. In homage to the old silent film era of the early 1900’s, WURTSBORO is told solely through music, silent video footage and narration. Instead of the use of black cards for dialog, as was the style of the original silent films, there is voice-over narration to tell story, much of it read directly from the book it is based upon. In this way, the film is more a cross between a silent film, an audiobook and a music video.


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