MANDRAKE BOOKS  Our Publishing House accepts short story collections, novellas, poetry, fiction and non-fiction. We invite creative, unconventional and imaginative types from anywhere in the world to publish with us. We offer editing services, and placement in major national and international stores. Please contact us for our submission details and prices. See your book available on global bookshelves, such as Barnes and Noble and Amazon, paper and/or digital formats (Nook & Kindle).  Books by Kala that were published under Mandrake Books are: Story of the Invisible Twin, and Manhattan: Short Stories, Tall Tales.

MANDRAKE MAGAZINE  This online annual publication is an ever-evolving magazine. This means that updates are added throughout the year of each annual issue. The most current updates will be found at the very beginning of each issue. In case you miss anything, just flip through the pages as they travel back through one year's time. We focus primarily on promoting and celebrating individuals who follow their own unique paths in life. Featuring the works of emerging and established artists entrepreneurs, readers are invited to consider an array of perspectives that push the boundaries of mainstream thought and action. There is no judgment here.  Unsolicited articles, essays, letters, pictures, poems, advertisements are It accepted. Shameless self-promotion welcome. 





"Kala Mandrake takes you to a magic land where poetry evokes hallucinations: A richly, personal, fantastical journey inside the mind of a twin." -jsen


"I started reading this book on the bus, and finished it in two days. I was impressed how the entire book rhymed, yet it didn't feel like a poem, it was very natural. It was a combination of innocence, mystery and thriller. The author took me into so many emotional states. When I was done, I was definitely not expecting the direction the story finally took me." -cdow


"Kala has a very warm style of writing. She transports me into a cozy yet mysterious world." -k15


"Highly Recommended - check it out!! Kala Mandrake has a great command of the camera and takes unique, thoughtful and beautiful photographs that tell the great story of New York City Underground. No posing here, she's the real thing and you can tell the people/characters in her book trust her. A great visual read." -MKO74


"A beautiful and compelling book of photographs. I HIGHLY recommend it. Kala Mandrake's Underground is a visual journey into the heart and soul of some of NYC's most interesting people. Mandrake captures their spirit and character with such a sensitive and passionate eye. This thought-provoking book is filled with beautiful photographs and honest descriptions of her experiences, each one a window into a magical time and place that only Kala Mandrake can bring out in people." - JGNYC


"Beautiful, fascinating, cultural! Kala has documented a fascinating array of people on the fringe through beautifully composed photographs. You get a strong sense that Ms Mandrake knows the stories she is telling personally and emotionally, from both the text and photos. This book is an important documentation of a piece of contemporary New York culture. You will not be disappointed! A work of art." -Taranight


"Highly Recommended! Kala Mandrake's world feels like a enticingly mysterious labyrinth of dreams and drama. Mystical connections lead the reader into a immersive experience of passion, death and numbers. I couldn't stop reading it myself, finished in a day. If you view life through magic eyes, Fiction Story is your story." - DianaM


"Magic. I took this book with me on a long bus ride and read it in 4 and a half hours without taking one break. Its beautiful and mysterious, and felt a lot like reading poetry with a plot. An absolute jewel."-Miriam007


"This literature piece is way ahead of its time. It is genius, poetic, and enthralling, transporting the reader into a world of magic and into other dimensions. Dreamy, original, and real. This book is a real gem and is recommended for anyone who loves mysticism, magic, literature, and poetry. Highly recommended" -Anon


"highly original. A wonderful book by a fresh, new talent. One of the most original and
lovely novelettes I've read in a long while.  Recommend!!!" -kjnj1216

"pure magic... Deep, intimate, and poetic..reading this book I felt myself being inside this magical dream." -mninnyc


From the editor

"When I set out to create this magazine I wanted it to be a publication that artists could use as a resource for self-promotion and a platform to get their ideas out to an audience. Grouped together, outside the box. My grandfather had used cross-promotion as one of the keys to his worldwide success. And I think he was spot-on with that concept. Each artist entrepreneur has a creation they are passionate about. So as each one continues to grow, we have the opportunity to elevate each other, and that is the beating heart behind Mandrake Magazine". - Käla